Saturday, August 1, 2009

trying for baby number 2...

Yes, we have decided to officially start trying for baby number 2!!we thought we were pregnant a few months back but we weren't so after going back and forth,and trying to decide if we wanted another one and weighing all the pros and cons(pros- another beautiful, loving child:cons-another handful,more messes to clean,another one to drive me crazy:0) we've decided this is what we really want.Lillian is 2 and a half now, and getting more independent by the day so we wouldn't have 2 little ones, i do not think i could handle that, i don't have that much patience,and this way they get to grow up together but still have a couple years between them.I'm hoping i can enjoy this pregnancy a little more, with Lillian i was so sick,basically living out of bed,i was just miserable and didn't get to enjoy it that much and maternity pictures...everybody does that now and i didn't even realize that when i was pregnant so I'm hoping to do that too!Nate is really easy to get along with in all aspects,really,he told me he is perfectly content and happy with our one little princess but he said having another one would be just as amazing,another child to love,another child to call him daddy,etc. so he didn't really make the decision process any easier for me,but he did mention a valid point,I'm the one home with them most of the time so if i want another one,it's really up to me.Lillian is so sweet and affectionate and so loving,always giving hugs and kisses, all the time,and so smart and so pretty,how can i not have another one?? I say this now,remind me how wonderful she is once she hits the terrible 3's.but we've decided she needs a sibling,and i would love another little princess(girl clothes shopping is so much fun) and i would love to have my little boy,with little ties and a mohawk ;)so either way it's a win/win. But watch out world, here comes another little heart breaker,another Summerville!!

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  1. Love your header! Your dd has such pretty blue eyes. :) How was IHOP?