Monday, July 27, 2009

my sister is in the hospital,

well we just got home from the hospital, my sister, sarah had gotten staff last weekend from a bug bite at the beach(they think that's where it came from) and it turned into cellulitis and the poison spread into her leg.I'll spare you the details of the draining of it(it was the size of a golf ball)and the cutting it open and needles into her knee...and they said they caught it early so she wouldn't have to get a total knee replacement,which is a good thing, she's gone now 4 times to the hospital this week to have it drained and checked and re-bandaged and to find out what's going on and tonight they admitted her into the hospital to see the specialist to see if they are going to have to do surgery after all.she lost a lot of blood from her leg earlier today and now they say it doesn't seem to be getting any now she is at healthpark because they don't do surgery on children(under 21) at lee memorial so hopefully they will be able to give her some definite news soon and fix the problem.they are monitoring her, hoping it doesn't spread to the tissue in her knee and i brought her some intellectual movies to watch like Joe dirt-one of her favorites, and some milk duds, because she is so nervous and stressed out.and all she kept saying was how she wanted to get the iv out of her arm and go home, so tomorrow morning i go back to the hospital to relieve my mom and spend the day with her and hopefully we will hear some good news soon.please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

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