Wednesday, August 12, 2009

dee's anniversary crop with Vicki Boutin!!

This past weekend Aug 7-9th was Dee's 3 yr. ann. crop at the store and yes my husband didn't mind i 'rescheduled' our anniversary on the 7th so that i could go,good guy I'm telling you! Vicki was awesome,she was so full of useful tips and techniques about inks and foiling, all kinds of new tricks to try out and she was so down to earth,funny,easy to talk too,really laid did good picking her Dee,she is welcome back anytime in my book!i only got a couple layouts done out of all 3 days but i did important stuff like shop,talk with everyone,spend time with my best friend,shop some more,eat chocolate :D here is Vicki,me,Ines,Kellie,Dee,Renee.

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