Monday, August 31, 2009

prima picks..

Prima wants to introduce you to their favorite picks this month then get you involved in a chance to win this wonderful ensemble they've put togther! Go to their blog for more details!

reunited with our brother,

Last week, after years of not seeing our half brother due to life changes and losing contact,we were reunited! We called him up and he didn't recognize our voice at first and hung up but then he called back and said," i had to think about it for a minute,no one has called me junior in years."(that's what my sisters and i have always called him). So i invited him over to the house, he brought his daughter Lelia, we had dinner,looked at old pictures and took a walk down memory lane and played outside as a big family.It was a great day,my sisters and i are so excited to be back in touch with are some pictures of our day :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

1 year since we closed on our house,

One year ago from yesterday we were driving to Melbourne,because we couldn't stand waiting any longer and this way it would hurry along the process,and we were signing papers for our house.We were official HOMEOWNERS!! everyone said congrats,welcome to being broke for 30 years.the first few days consisted of sitting on the floor,because we had no furniture yet,eating off paper plates with plastic utensils,with boxes everywhere and sleeping on an air mattress but a year later it was so worth it,I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

it's that time of year again...

..That i love so much, decorating for the holidays!! first up is halloween,and though my husband loves decorating for halloween just about as much as i do(it's also his birthday),and he loves all the spooky/scary stuff, he hates the getting the crap out of the attic part.but hey he knew that i loved decorating while we were dating,so he knew what he was in for,it's his own fault for marrying me :) but yes some might say it's too early to decorate,heck we're not quite into september yet but the way i see it, you have to get your monies worth out of your decorations,you have to enjoy the holidays,they only come once a year! So besides from bonding with the out of town family, i have a pretty good feeling that after church tomorrow, i will be decorating!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

family in town,

just a quick update,my mom in law and brother in law are in town for 5 days and the 'boys' are gonna go ride the bikes this weekend and have some nice quality brother bonding time,in the meantime I'm entertaining mom while Nate's at work,so i better hop off here,time to go eat some healthy & delicious pizza and breadsticks and bond with the out of town family! write soon!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

my baby is 29 months old!

One month away from being 2 and a half,although her intelligence and stubbornness make me think she's closer to three.these three pictures capture her exactly what i see everyday,the first one is her loud & crazy, always laughing,the second one she is still and quiet,very rare but still part of her personality, just full of happiness.the third photo she's giving me a little smile showing off her sweetness and being angelic.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

dee's anniversary crop with Vicki Boutin!!

This past weekend Aug 7-9th was Dee's 3 yr. ann. crop at the store and yes my husband didn't mind i 'rescheduled' our anniversary on the 7th so that i could go,good guy I'm telling you! Vicki was awesome,she was so full of useful tips and techniques about inks and foiling, all kinds of new tricks to try out and she was so down to earth,funny,easy to talk too,really laid did good picking her Dee,she is welcome back anytime in my book!i only got a couple layouts done out of all 3 days but i did important stuff like shop,talk with everyone,spend time with my best friend,shop some more,eat chocolate :D here is Vicki,me,Ines,Kellie,Dee,Renee.

Friday, August 7, 2009

4 years ago today..

Nate was working at tires plus in Orlando and bartending on Sunday nights, i was working at steak n shake and newly single. we were inseparable,spending all our free time together,i would come hang out with him on his night bartending,our 1st date was devil's rejects,a rob zombie movie(he knew i was a keeper then!)and after a couple weeks dating, 4 years ago today he officially asked me to be his girlfriend.2 years later we were married. Happy Anniversary baby! i love you always & forever.The first picture was right after we got married,the 2nd picture was our 1st picture taken together.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

designer mojo!

We had our big designer crop last Tuesday night,to make samples of all the new goodies Dee brought back from CHA and boy did she have some goodies, i spent a good amount of time saying wow and making all types of excited breathing sounds with all the beautiful product from some of my favorites,basic grey,American crafts,Webster's pages,bo bunny,just to name a few.usually at crops i get lots of half finished pages done,but my creative mojo came back to me about a week ago and i have been feeling really artsy lately!i got 7 layouts done all together, and let me tell you how much i LOVE the new thickers, all the glitter and shine and the bo bunny vintage Christmas line,St. Nick-GORGEOUS!!(i attached a picture)i was eyeing that line for a week or so and i came prepared with all my vintage-y(my new word) Christmas pictures! the layouts are at the store but i will post pictures soon :) all the designers had their A game on,we got 40 layouts done between all of us, we were there after midnight, then a few troopers,myself,my best friend Ines and Dee headed to Ihop,what better thing to do after all that cropping at 1 in the morning! got home after 2 in the morning and up at 6 the next day but it was a great girls night out!

my little diva helping with the dishes,

This is how Lillian helps daddy unload the dishwasher,check out those shoes!! she is definitely my child :) somedays i even think she walks better in my shoes than i do!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

trying for baby number 2...

Yes, we have decided to officially start trying for baby number 2!!we thought we were pregnant a few months back but we weren't so after going back and forth,and trying to decide if we wanted another one and weighing all the pros and cons(pros- another beautiful, loving child:cons-another handful,more messes to clean,another one to drive me crazy:0) we've decided this is what we really want.Lillian is 2 and a half now, and getting more independent by the day so we wouldn't have 2 little ones, i do not think i could handle that, i don't have that much patience,and this way they get to grow up together but still have a couple years between them.I'm hoping i can enjoy this pregnancy a little more, with Lillian i was so sick,basically living out of bed,i was just miserable and didn't get to enjoy it that much and maternity pictures...everybody does that now and i didn't even realize that when i was pregnant so I'm hoping to do that too!Nate is really easy to get along with in all aspects,really,he told me he is perfectly content and happy with our one little princess but he said having another one would be just as amazing,another child to love,another child to call him daddy,etc. so he didn't really make the decision process any easier for me,but he did mention a valid point,I'm the one home with them most of the time so if i want another one,it's really up to me.Lillian is so sweet and affectionate and so loving,always giving hugs and kisses, all the time,and so smart and so pretty,how can i not have another one?? I say this now,remind me how wonderful she is once she hits the terrible 3's.but we've decided she needs a sibling,and i would love another little princess(girl clothes shopping is so much fun) and i would love to have my little boy,with little ties and a mohawk ;)so either way it's a win/win. But watch out world, here comes another little heart breaker,another Summerville!!