Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No truer words have ever been spoken

This quote tugs at my heartstrings :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

It all started with some fabulous blue shoes..

I never really splurge on myself,other than scrapbook supplies but i chalk that up to making memories for my family later on,so it doesn't count as a "selfish splurge"I bought myself this adorably cute blue shoes,that i didn't need,that don't match anything i own but i love them! & such a pretty shade of blue! i sent my husband a picture message to his cell & said where are you taking me out later so i can wear these? :)later that day on his way home from work he stopped at the car dealership & actually showed the salesman my text message picture & said," i need a nice ride to take mama out in later" i seriously thought he was kidding but he swears he did that & of course the salesman laughed & they had a truck that just about matches my fabulous shoes!hubby brought me by later on and when we were walking up to the truck i knew it was coming home with me,it's a gorgeous shade of blue(i think blue is my new favorite color right now :)) & hubby just loves it. we've been talking about getting a 2nd vehicle for awhile now, and hubby said a truck is what he wanted,he thinks i only agreed because it's a "pretty truck" he could be partially right;) glad you love it hunny,happy early birthday to you(and probably Christmas & valentines day too) ;)now i just need a new outfit to wear with my blue shoes when we go out on your birthday!

Every once in awhile.... take a picture & the expressions or the moment or the awesome timing really makes it one of your favorite pictures,this is one of those pictures,everytime i see this picture it truly makes my heart smile & reminds me how very blessed I am with my two sweet girls :)

a couple photo shoot

My husband is such a good sport,he is not a fan of having his picture taken,that's putting it mildly,he really hates pictures LOL,in the beginning he would gripe & complain about having to take pictures or be in them,6 years later he's realized I'm gonna make him be in photos it's inevitable,having kids they'll treasure those family pictures later on & the sooner he cooperates,the sooner it's over ;) i really wanted us to have a couple shoot for our anniversary back in august,he agreed,didn't complain, & wore his matching shirt proudly & i secretly think he is starting to like pictures(maybe just a little) but hey it's progress & we got some AMAZING shots from our couple shoot!! Thanks again Barb & sandy,you two Rock!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Less than one week till we are at Disney!!

I booked our disney resort tonight,Lillian can't wait to meet her long list of princess's,princess dress for lily to wear-check,adorable minnie mouse dress for violet to wear-check(& lily was minnie mouse on her 1st trip to disney,so now it's a little tradition)have to get an extra memory card for the camera of course & plan out what to do first,but I can't wait! also staying at a disney resort you get magic hours where the park will open earlier or stay open later for their guests,so we get to get in the park an hour early!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


yes at four years old,she is getting homework but so far it's all fun stuff,drawing pictures of your pets & family.well this assignment was draw a picture of your family,so here we all are,mommy,daddy,baby violet(that's what she calls her :) lily & Rita,this one just melted my heart :)

Breaking Dawn

okay so I've been told this was aimed towards teenagers,young adults crowd,but I'll admit I watched the first movie & was totally hooked! One movie a yr & 3 yrs later I CANNOT wait for breaking dawn to come out,my girlfriends & I are going to the midnight showing!! :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

These last few weeks...

are flying by!!! It's hard to believe my sweet baby will be one next month!! She is standing by herself now for a few seconds at a time,before i know it,she will be walking!

Feeling green??

...Not green with envy,just green. As I picked up my littlest daughter to feed her the other night i noticed she got "green" something all over me,i quickly look at her to realize it is all over her face & hands,after further investigation,I find this crayola 'leprechaun green' pipsqueak marker on the ground,no lid,next to lily's art desk,aah-ha,i found the culprit & Violet sure did enjoy getting it all over herself :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

another rainy day

it seems like rainy days in fl are all over the place, sometimes it rains all morning & then sunshine,other times it's a beautiful day & we get those late afternoon showers,today is a gloomy rainy day over here.although forgetting the umbrella made Lillian a happy little girl when we were running up to the doors at school in the rain,she says," oh boy mama, I just love the rain!"how can I not smile about that :) but now that i picked up my sweetheart from school for the day,there is some coloring,story reading & of course some rice crispy treats to be made :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

catching up on some old layouts

there is never enough time in the day,but can't everyone say that :) between my 4 yr old keeping me busy & asking me 1,000 questions & a baby that is constantly hungry,loves to cuddle & she's so cute i just have to take lots of pictures not much free time lately. but alas I've caught the creative bug & have been finishing up some layouts i started that never finished & a couple new ones :)