Wednesday, October 28, 2009


alright so it's been over a week since I've posted what have i been up to you ask, well Lillian got a cold,gave it to Nate and i told them both," keep your distance" i did good for a few days and then i got it.I'm finally feeling better and getting my energy back, my sleep schedule is still out of whack, wasn't tired last night went to bed around midnight, and up bright and early at 5 today,not even remotely tired enough to go back to bed, so i've been folding laundry,cleaning house,garbage,made some hair bows for Lillian's Halloween costume-busy,busy today and it's only 9:40 am.other than that we got some BEAUTIFUL family pictures taken a week ago and of course a few of just Lillian-won't have them for a few weeks.then it's been pumpkin patch,my sister's bday is day before Halloween and hubby's bday is on Halloween so all of that has been keeping me busy! here are a few pictures of the pumpkin patch,i just love these little pumpkin tights!!


i swear if i had to pick one word i heard the most throughout the day that would be my word. as soon as dear daughter wakes up,her eyes aren't even open all the way and her feet on the ground-Popsicle.then 2 hours later "Popsicle mama?" and somehow she thinks if she tilts her head and flashes her sweet little smile it will somehow persuade me. i must admit sometimes it does but boy oh boy, she can be two different children sometimes,the sweet one asking for a Popsicle and the little devil child demanding one-just depends on the day :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

a couple recent layouts :)

I love the bella blvd. line but i looked at it for awhile before using it and then i found out it mixes so nicely with some october afternoon! and i LOVE webster's pages,one of my top faves! and these beautiful prima flowers with rhinestones-MUST HAVE!

Friday, October 16, 2009

a few from the wedding!

now that i have learned a new trick on how to save them,here are a few from the wedding!ignore all the white,i'm not a pro at this...yet!

a few from the wedding...

i cannot save the pictures to my comp. and save them so you have to type them in your browser box to see them :)
this is sooo us!! strike a pose!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Definitely a water baby!!

Pool,bathtub,ocean,she loves it all if it has water!!and one of the perks to living in Fl. is you can basically go to the beach year-round.So we went to Lover's key Sept 27th and as always she had a blast,picking sea shells,sitting in the water and letting the waves crash on her,throwing sand and shells in the ocean was a new trick she learned and loved that too,got an "in-action" shot of the sand in mid-air:).and when the little cute beach birds started running down the shore so did Lillian, oh good times!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A big thank you to my self-less husband!

Back in April i bought him front section,a few rows back,Metallica concert tickets in Tampa,the first few minutes they went on sale through ticketmaster.anyone that knows my husband knows he's a die-hard metallica fan! it was his father's day gift and he was soooo excited. then about a month ago,my best friend in kindergarten asked me if i wanted to be a bridesmaid in her wedding,I was so excited,I've never been a bridesmaid before then i found out it was Oct 3,the same day as the concert!!i told my hubby,and i was a little disappointed i wouldn't be going with him to the show thinking he would still go and take a buddy,but he said no,he wanted me to be a bridesmaid and he wanted to go to the wedding with me because he said he knew how important it was to be nice to be people that deserve it.i was so touched that my hubby was offering to give up his tickets that we had owned for months,that was his father's day gift,just to do something nice for somebody else.needless to say he sold his tickets and we got our money back and i got to be a bridesmaid!!


alright after a week of trying all sorts of different things,my DH reinstalled windows and we have google again!! WOO-HOO! it was a nice fresh install for the comp and he saved my 60 gigs,yes you heard me right,60 gigs of pictures onto a back up hard drive so i wouldn't lose any of them. a couple people have toldme that's a lot of pictures,why yes it is, but it's also lots of memories!