Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My little,sassy,chatty,pretty,smart,awesome 5 year old started kindergarten today, ps can you tell i think highly of her because i do :) she was super excited,has been talking about going to school since last year & riding on the bus,although she's not riding on the bus quite yet. i asked her if she was scared & she replied no,wanted me to do her hair,i reminded her to eat her sandwich forst before her snacks,to use her manners,to be nice to the other kids,although she is so friendly & loving i'm not so worried about that one,but boy i'm a little sad to be sending her off alone,into the big world,all day along,without me, i knew it had to happen eventually but the time came too quickly! i didn't cry although if i think about it too much i just might! & violet did shed a few tears because she wanted to color with the crayons at the tables LOL but all in all everyone was happy :) in about 30 minutes i get to go sit in parent pick up line for an hr & a half,not looking forward to that but i'll bring some things to occupy violet & i & i can't wait to hear all about her first day in big girl school! :)