Saturday, August 22, 2009

it's that time of year again...

..That i love so much, decorating for the holidays!! first up is halloween,and though my husband loves decorating for halloween just about as much as i do(it's also his birthday),and he loves all the spooky/scary stuff, he hates the getting the crap out of the attic part.but hey he knew that i loved decorating while we were dating,so he knew what he was in for,it's his own fault for marrying me :) but yes some might say it's too early to decorate,heck we're not quite into september yet but the way i see it, you have to get your monies worth out of your decorations,you have to enjoy the holidays,they only come once a year! So besides from bonding with the out of town family, i have a pretty good feeling that after church tomorrow, i will be decorating!

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