Saturday, December 12, 2009

a best friend visit!!

woo-hoo my best friend tj is coming down off his yearly visit!! every year we always have thanksgiving dinner together and since he moved to PA we do a later thanksgiving dinner and have it in December,but it's our tradition :)this will be our 6th year doing it. so he's coming into town today,Lillian and i are going to go pick him up from the airport in 2 hrs,he's staying with us for a week and we're doing Thanksgiving,Christmas,the beach,visit his family in pt Charlotte,karaoke,Edison home...all kinds of fun things packed into our week together. I've been a cleaning machine the last couple days and re-organizing my "office" again lol because my scrap room doubles as our guest room.i put Lillian down for a nap but i hear her playing with her toys on the baby monitor so i better jump off here and finish getting everything ready,because she might not be in there too long if she doesn't fall asleep :)write soon!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

playing in the rain

Last sat, dec 5th it rained all day and all day and all day long,Lillian my little water rat loves any form of water so of course she wanted to dance in the rain,this cutesy little rain outfit is courtesy of my best friend ;)

well i took lillian to the doctor,

yesterday we went to the doctor, she's had a cough for about a week that didn't seem to get better and she has an upper respiratory infection. so the doctor gave me a prescription for her,twice a day she has to take this medicine and it does not taste good at all,it went everywhere but in her mouth last night and this morning it went a little easier,but it tastes bad enough that even a popsicle wasn't a good enough bribe but the gum did the trick :) and hopefully the next 10 days of medicine will go much smoother,i just want my baby better again :) at least it's better now and getting it out of the way before Christmas.