Saturday, April 24, 2010

Some Of Lillian's 3 yr old photos

If you know me,you know i am a BIG picture NUT,and big is an under-statement ;) but i love taking pictures of my baby girl and i love getting pictures done professionally of her,for a few different reasons,she is very photogenic,a ham for the camera,she's beautiful,she won't be little forever,and she has so many different expressions and always showing different sides to her personality that i love to capture that in pictures in hopes that i always remember these moments.Here are a few of her at 3 years old.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tj's surprise birthday weekend!!

Ash called and asked if i wanted to come up to Pennsylvania for Tj's birthday weekend as a surprise and of course i couldn't say no to that.This would be my first time visiting tj up here in his home in PA since he moved here almost 3 years ago,I would get to see my best friend,i got to go out of town for the weekend, and it would ultimately be the best surprise birthday for him EVER, so far anyways :)It has been jammed packed with fun,my weekend has included my first trip to the Cheesecake factory-DELICIOUS!the new Mark wahlberg movie with tina fey,Date night-super funny,a trip to the Shady maple Smorgasbord,all you can eat buffet,the largest here in Lancaster county with an even bigger & better gift shop downstairs!Kitchen kettle village,all these neat little shops & restaurants in Intercourse,PA(gotta love the town name)a trip to the arcade where i played laser tag for the first time,the first time i was not-so-good,but the 2nd time i was really having fun and getting the hang of it,running around in the dark with black lights shooting at people with my laser gun,some bowling & air hockey and the arcade had my all time favorite arcade game-EVER,House of the dead,a shooting zombies game and they had all 4 versions of it!! i spent a lot of my tokens on those games, i can't find that game anywhere anymore,they use to have one at the AMC theatre back home but they got rid of it and i haven't been able to find it since until now :)Followed by church with the family,Italian buffet for lunch with Italian ice for dessert-yummo,a lazy Sunday afternoon nap then game night with his family & friends & dq birthday cake for the birthday boy.I couldn't ask for a better weekend with my bestie! A big thank you to my wonderful hubby at home who didn't mind i left him and my princess for a couple days,while i came up here to celebrate Tj's birthday & the release of his first book,he truly is the BEST,love you hunny.Now i'm enjoying my last couple hours before i fly back home to the sunshine state!