Wednesday, November 25, 2009

visit with santa

I don't know what it is about Santa but my baby girl LOVES him!!ever since she was born she has always liked him. we've seen him twice in the last week lol. she loves telling him what she wants for Christmas,she's enthralled by his beard,she's not a big fan of the candy canes though, but i sure did get some cute ones of her and Santa :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

little reminders that you have children

I've been thinking of all the little things that remind me I'm a parent and i have children...ten thousand pairs of shoes and hair bows in the car(for all the little princess's out there of course)a binky/pacifier in OUR bed,a toy in the refrigerator,tripping over toys in our bathroom at 3 in the morning,crayon on some part of a wall in your home,if you've never had crayon on your wall,you've never been a parent :) real spaghetti on her play kitchen and the latest is a birthday candle in the dishwasher soap dispenser. think of something that reminds you, you have a child..

My Little Dorothy

October has been a busy month but especially Halloween weekend,Fri was my sister's b-day so we went over to my mom's and celebrated and Halloween is Nate's b-day,the big 31!our Halloween was go go go but very fun.Here are a few pictures of Dorothy & her scarecrow trick or treating :)