Monday, March 15, 2010

Lillian riding her bike for the first time!

The weather has been beautiful the last couple days, most of yesterday after church and grocery shopping was spent outside bubble blowing and riding bikes. yesterday was the first time she actually started riding her bike rather than just sitting on it and now she can't get enough of it! we went over to grandma's house today and brought her bike and that's all she wanted to do!! i can't believe how well she's doing at pedaling by herself, looks like it's time for a bike helmet for my little bike rider :)That would be my mother making funny noises in the background of the video.

my baby girl turns three!

3 years ago Nathan and I were living in Orlando getting ready to welcome our baby girl, Lillian Rose into the world.Having her for my daughter has been such a blessing, more than i could ever ask for, I am truly blessed! having a child means less sleep,more messes,less money,more patience,and lots more love,other things as well but these are some of the main ones for me. 3 years later we are getting ready to add to the family and Lillian is becoming quite the sassy,sweet,tomboy,princess-great mixture of both little girl,definitely defining who she is and her personality is really starting to shine through!