Monday, August 8, 2011

My baby started pre-k today

yep,those first 4 years flew by & today she started school,pre-k,it's only 3 hrs a day this first year but it's every day,school holidays & everything.i think they are trying to gradually work you up to that full day of school,away from mommy, time when they start kindergarten,which happens to be next year(GASP)!Man we've only made it through one whole day & i can't believe she isn't home with me all day,every day from now on & i think I'm a little more surprised that she had SO MUCH fun & such a good time. Every mom wants their child to enjoy school & make friends & be happy but i don't think they are suppose to like it THIS much lol. she loves her teacher,eats her lunch,loves the outside playtime & is already so smart,so this is gonna be a great year! On a brighter note,her school loves volunteers(wink,wink) & they go on field trips & have class parties which all need some 'help' or chaperones so i know where this mommy will be! volunteering at the school,helping with the thanksgiving feast & Christmas party,making crafts with the elderly at the nursing home,it's gonna be fun for both of us!! :)

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