Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy anniversary to us!

Well August is off to a great start!Yesterday was my anniversary,my husband & I have been together for 6 yrs,only married for 4,but 6 long,crazy,happy years together none the less :) I have a house,a dog & 2 beautiful little girls that keep me busy all from this marriage,one might say I'm living the dream :) But on a serious note,he loves me unconditionally,lets me buy all the crazy craft(or crap) as he puts it, stuff i want & puts up with my picture taking habits so I can't complain :)for my anniversary i wanted us to get some nice couple photos taken,so we did,they came out GORGEOUS!!Love those ladies at Sandbar Photography,they are amazing women with excellent photography skills :) i should have them in a few weeks for now here is the sneak peek she sent me,Love all the feelings in this picture :)

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