Monday, August 29, 2011

A Beautiful Day

Sundays are the best,they are our family fun day/lazy day of relaxing,filled with church,lots of relaxing, fun & a little bit productive. yesterday was great especially just really nice quality time all together,all four of us. I've been wanting to go the beach & the last 2 times we've gone it started raining halfway there,not just a few drops,full on raining,so when i suggested we go yesterday,i was kind of skeptical we would actually make it onto the beach because of all the rainy weather lately but we did & it was just a BEAUTIFUL day!! Lillian had a blast in the sand,some days she wants to swim the whole time other days she wants to play in the sand all day,yesterday it was all about playing in the sand :) & little violet well i swear she thinks she can swim,she was crawling all over the shore,so fast,all over the beach,she would crawl right into the water almost till it was touching her face when we had to pull her back to the shoreline & right back to the deep water she would crawl again * again,i was exhausted chasing her all over the beach but they had a blast & i got some EXCELLENT photos to cherish the day :)

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