Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rest in Peace little brother

Nathan lost his little brother in a horrible motorcycle accident 2 weeks ago,his wife,Amber,who was also on the bike is in the ICU but is now stable,thank you Jesus,please continue to pray for healing for her and prayers for the family during this hard time,Nate & his little brother were very close. we went up to Texas to visit the family for a week and be there for the funeral,not under the greatest circumstances but it was really nice to be with the other half of our family. I know grandma really enjoyed being around the 2 grand babies :)and the rest of his family got to meet Violet for the first time :)Lily got to play with her cousins and spend time with her great-grandma's which she doesn't have here in FL.Nate's mom is doing surprisingly well,she has a lot of faith and she knows he's in Heaven & one day she'll get to be with her baby boy again.I guess God just need a warrior up there in Heaven more than we needed him on earth.Forever in our Hearts baby brother,We love you.

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