Monday, November 7, 2011

Amber updates

updates on amber straight from nate's mom:
Amber's surgery went much better that the doctor expected. Thanks to all your prayers, no debris was found in or around the spinal cord. Though a tedious process, the three crushed vertibreas were repaired and it went very smoothly. They also repaired the one between her shoulders, which took longer due to its location. They found no brain or nerve damage. She will to be in a brace for several weeks to three months.

They will do surgery to repair her crushed lower jaw in the morning, and the doctor expects her to be sitting up in 24 hours. They will still need to do surgery to repair her collar bone which what shattered, and they will have several surgeries to repair her right arm which has two fractured bones, broken tendons, cracked wrist, and what remains to be seen.

We are so very grateful for all the prayers. Please continue to pray for Amber as she recovers and greives for her husband, my son Ryan. When they let her wake up tomorrow, she will have that yet to face.


I just got a phone call that they will be doing all of Amber's other surgeries tomorrow (Wednesday). Please keep her in your prayers. They did not let her wake up after all. So hopefully after tomorrow we can all take a deep breath, relax, and let the healing begin. They have had to coordinate several doctors and their teams, so we have been up in the air about several things for a week.


OK just got off the phone with Josie. The miracles are coming in one after another. This morning they repaired Amber's collarbone, upper arm, lower arm, wrist and reattached and repaired the torn ligaments. This evening they were going to fix her jaw and face. They found that her upper jaw was shoved backwards and had separated the plates in her face. They pulled her upper jaw out and all of the plates popped back into place. No incisions or surgery in her mouth. Our Heavenly Father is wonderful.

We would like to thank everyone who has prayed for us and for Amber. May God's blessings be poured out on each and every one of you.

They decided to keep Amber under today as her blood oxygen was low. They needed her to rest and get it back up. They plan to take the tubes out about noon tomorrow and then she will be waking up. Pray for us as we give her the news that she has lost Ryan. I am at a loss has to how to comfort her. Perhaps we will just greive together. I am asking God to help me to be what she needs me to be.

Amber is recovering nicely; however, her oxygen levels are still in the gray area, which means she had sufficient for her current status, but it needs to be much higher before she can be allowed to be conscience enough to be told about Ryan. The stress from that news will quickly deplete her supply. Due to the jaw surgery when they remove the breathing tube, they will not be able to intubate her again, so they would have to do a trach and we really do not need that to happen should her breathing be affected. They will be checking her oxygen level again at 3am, so hopefully we will know more tomorrow.

They are weaning Amber off her pain medications. She had a rough day today and they kept her sedated most of the day. I was told that they got her up, but she was probably unaware that they did so. She has been moving alot in her bed and has not been resting well. They removed the breathing tubes and her oxgen levels are good and consistant. They are saying it may take several days for her to become completely conscious. So we are waiting on her to respond. There is not definate time line. Pray for her mother who is exhausted and is constantly by her side and the grandparents who are watching baby Chloe for the most part as she needs some consistancy in all of this. They are tired also.

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