Sunday, October 4, 2009

A big thank you to my self-less husband!

Back in April i bought him front section,a few rows back,Metallica concert tickets in Tampa,the first few minutes they went on sale through ticketmaster.anyone that knows my husband knows he's a die-hard metallica fan! it was his father's day gift and he was soooo excited. then about a month ago,my best friend in kindergarten asked me if i wanted to be a bridesmaid in her wedding,I was so excited,I've never been a bridesmaid before then i found out it was Oct 3,the same day as the concert!!i told my hubby,and i was a little disappointed i wouldn't be going with him to the show thinking he would still go and take a buddy,but he said no,he wanted me to be a bridesmaid and he wanted to go to the wedding with me because he said he knew how important it was to be nice to be people that deserve it.i was so touched that my hubby was offering to give up his tickets that we had owned for months,that was his father's day gift,just to do something nice for somebody else.needless to say he sold his tickets and we got our money back and i got to be a bridesmaid!!

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