Wednesday, September 2, 2009

too much like her daddy,

Well i guess all those times i tell Nate not to do something and all those times i say Lillian is going to copy us and do what we do,well let me introduce to example A). So if I'm not vacuuming gold fish off the carpet or cleaning up real spaghetti off her play kitchen because Lillian says, "I cooking mama", I'm walking into my living room to my child being 'just like daddy' drinking chocolate milk out of the jug. Who said being a stay at home mom was boring?!?!


  1. gotta love it. This photo really captures her personality - fun, excited, lovable.

  2. Re: Ikea - I googled and couldn't find any. Even my fav deal site (slickdeals) didn't list any. I did see one for sale on ebay - but buying one just seems wrong. Have fun shopping! Ikea is like Toyrus for grown-ups. :)