Monday, September 7, 2009

i heart IKEA!

Sat morning i had my best friend in kindergarten's surprise bridal shower in the morning,left there around 2 ish,picked up nate from work on the way,ran home changed and then we headed to tampa, to go to IKEA so i could have an 'upgrade' in my "office" aka my craft room ;) we got to IKEA and the crowded parking lot and stream of people going in the doors was such a rush, like shopping on black friday-exactly like that. IKEA is HUGE they have their own little restaurant/snack shop inside and a kiddie zone,like a smaller chuck e cheese for kiddos.they have everything, i mean everything,kitchen,bath,bedroom,office they even have a kid IKEA which is all kid toys and furniture,it was so cute!!lots of people and 2 stories,lots of walking too lol,but i came home with my IKEA expedit!!it took hubby less then a n hr. to put it together too,we are very happy with our purchase and experience with IKEA!Think-like a rooms to go but half the price!Pictures coming soon!

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  1. Thought of you when I saw this post on two peas today. Examples of how people set up their expediate bookcases
    I'll give you my email address next time I'm at the store. Don't want to post it for the whole world. :)