Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Every year my family,nate,myself & my girls go to the pumpkin patch with my mom & sisters.this year was especially important knowing it may be the last chance we are all together for pumpkin picking because of our most likely move to tx next summer.my sisters agreed,& i got the girls ready in thie pumpkin shirts,Lillian picked out her stylish sequin boots to wear,we loaded up the wagon & off we went.it was such nice cool weather,violet wanted to pick up every pumpkin & lily enjoyed pulling baby sister around in the wagon.we found this perfect little pumpkin patch with a gazebo & everything!! only in Fl do your pumpkin patch pictures have palm trees in the background:)but we all had a great time & spent quality time together, & after Lily picked out her pumpkin she said,"YAY NOW WE CAN HAVE PUMPKIN PIE WITH OUR PUMPKIN" if only she knew mommy doesn't make pumpkin pie from an actual pumpkin ;)

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