Thursday, March 8, 2012

My little girl turned five!

Last Friday my baby turned 5!!!5 years since i became a mom,5 years since i held Love in it's purest form for the first time,where did those last 5 years go? She is the sweetest little girl i know,always trying to make others happy,always reaching out to others,always hugging,laughing,smiling,dancing.she is my little artist,constantly drawing,painting,coloring,you name it,we go through a TON of paper in this house! ;)Her imagination & creativity inspire me.she is the best big sister to violet,always sharing,loving,protecting her,spoiling her in kisses.they hug on each other constantly,it really makes me so truly happy. growing up, my sisters and I were close & back then i only hoped one day my kids would be close & these girls sure are :)My now five year old,can't wait to go to kindergarten this fall,wants to take karate,hasn't met a person she didn't like, and is such a little nurturer to all little animals :) Happy birthday my sweet girl,Mommy & Daddy love you to the ends of the world!

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