Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the magic of disney

we all had such a wonderful time at Disney,going up wednesday late afternoon,hitting downtown Disney,eating a delicious meal at Rainforest cafe,staying at our Disney resort(a 1st time for all of us)getting to the park an hr early for special 'magic hours' the Disney resort offered,so we got to get in the park at 8 am,we got to see & do so much,meet all of the princess's-Rapunzel,belle,sleeping beauty-which ended up being nate's favorite because of how sweet she was to our sleeping beauty,little violet,kissed her on the forehead & everything :)Cinderella,Tinkerbell,Ariel & prince eric-which my daughter who is never shy was actually a little quiet & speechless when she met them.we got a front row seat to the parade where she got to meet woody & jessie from toy story & daddy even was picking up 'fairy dust' after the parade,he loves his girls. lily's favorite part was getting the autographs,she was so excited about that, & we tried chasing down daisy duck twice & both times she disappeared & finally while we were in line to meet Pinocchio,daisy duck was coming back out so daddy waited in line because lily really wanted to meet daisy time lily said she wants to meet "nuno" the dog,she means pluto so I'm not sure how lily confused that one, but it was a great family vacation even if only for a day or two :)

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