Sunday, September 25, 2011

It all started with some fabulous blue shoes..

I never really splurge on myself,other than scrapbook supplies but i chalk that up to making memories for my family later on,so it doesn't count as a "selfish splurge"I bought myself this adorably cute blue shoes,that i didn't need,that don't match anything i own but i love them! & such a pretty shade of blue! i sent my husband a picture message to his cell & said where are you taking me out later so i can wear these? :)later that day on his way home from work he stopped at the car dealership & actually showed the salesman my text message picture & said," i need a nice ride to take mama out in later" i seriously thought he was kidding but he swears he did that & of course the salesman laughed & they had a truck that just about matches my fabulous shoes!hubby brought me by later on and when we were walking up to the truck i knew it was coming home with me,it's a gorgeous shade of blue(i think blue is my new favorite color right now :)) & hubby just loves it. we've been talking about getting a 2nd vehicle for awhile now, and hubby said a truck is what he wanted,he thinks i only agreed because it's a "pretty truck" he could be partially right;) glad you love it hunny,happy early birthday to you(and probably Christmas & valentines day too) ;)now i just need a new outfit to wear with my blue shoes when we go out on your birthday!

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