Monday, May 30, 2011

computer savvy...

I AM NOT! computer problems are the most confusing to me,least favorite to fix,can never understand how to do it, thing for me! for hrs i've been working on my blog,as i've noticed in the months it's been neglected i've lost my background :( the last time i "fixed" my blog i got rid of my music & the more i've been looking at other's blogs the more i've noticed how plain & unloved mine seems.i'm making a conscious effort to try to spend more time on it to share pictures of my beautiful babies & to upload my scrapbook art :)well now i've figured out how to add some pictures on the sideline,i've got my sweet music back on here & when my best friend who is getting his bachelor's degree in computer programming ;) gets off work he will help me figure out how to get a background back up,as i have tried numerous times the easy 4 steps on how to do it with no luck-I'd be lost without you Thomas xoxo

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