Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oue new furry family member

Nate has been saying for awhile how he wanted a dog,a bigger dog that would protect it's family but also get along great with Lillian & be a good family dog.So long story short,May 2nd we went down to ARC a no kill animal shelter and we adopted Rita or as Lillian says "Rito" and we couldn't be happier. Lillian says, "She's my sister,she's my best friend" it makes my heart melt <3 she is a 11 month old female german shepherd and other than trying to eat food off the stove if we're not watching her or chewing an occasional princess teapot or play shoe,she's awesome,house trained,loving,obedient,loves to cuddle and gives kisses,a great addition to our family!

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