Saturday, December 12, 2009

a best friend visit!!

woo-hoo my best friend tj is coming down off his yearly visit!! every year we always have thanksgiving dinner together and since he moved to PA we do a later thanksgiving dinner and have it in December,but it's our tradition :)this will be our 6th year doing it. so he's coming into town today,Lillian and i are going to go pick him up from the airport in 2 hrs,he's staying with us for a week and we're doing Thanksgiving,Christmas,the beach,visit his family in pt Charlotte,karaoke,Edison home...all kinds of fun things packed into our week together. I've been a cleaning machine the last couple days and re-organizing my "office" again lol because my scrap room doubles as our guest room.i put Lillian down for a nap but i hear her playing with her toys on the baby monitor so i better jump off here and finish getting everything ready,because she might not be in there too long if she doesn't fall asleep :)write soon!

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